Chairman Flynn Expresses Full Support for Retired Teachers


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February 25, 2015                                                                                            Phone: (512) 463-0880


Chairman Flynn Expresses Full Support for Retired Teachers


AUSTIN, TXA top issue for funding this legislative session is support of teachers and retired teachers in the full funding of healthcare for retirees.  Today during a meeting of the House Committee on Appropriations, Chairman Otto provided clarity on that funding by stating that the Texas House values and appreciates our retired teachers. Chairman Dan Flynn, Chairman of the Texas House of Representatives Committee on Pensions was in attendance in support of Chairman Otto and stated, “I was privileged to be in attendance today at the appropriations meeting and fully support Chairman Otto’s efforts and thank him for his leadership on this matter.  Texas teachers are a large part of molding the Texas leaders of tomorrow and many teachers and retirees have expressed their concerns on this matter and I am glad that the House is going to address the shortage of funding for retiree health care over the next two years as we continue to assess long-term solutions in my committee for those who served our state and our school children for so many years.”