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Flynn Report: June 26 2013 SB 5 Fails

Texas House Passes Major Abortion Regulation Legislation,

Senate Filibusters & Votes After Midnight Deadline

SB5 Fails to Pass

AUSTIN – Monday, Pro-Life members of the Texas House used their majority to ensure life was respected and standard’s for women’s health care were raised with the passage of Senate Bill 5, an omnibus abortion regulation bill. Tuesday, the Texas Senate entertained a nearly 13 hour filibuster which ultimately prohibited the bill from passing. SB5 would have banned abortions performed after 20 weeks (currently abortions are performed up to 24 weeks), and increased regulatory standards on abortion facilities and procedure by bringing them in line with other surgical procedures already under the same type of regulation.

Representative Dan Flynn (R-Van), an ardent and outspoken pro-life supporter and one of the 60 House members who petitioned Governor Perry to add pro-life legislation to the first Special Session call list, stated his support for SB5 and his disappointment at its failure to pass, “This was a sound piece of legislation that would have ensured life was protected, facilities were well regulated, and the well-being of the mother was made a priority throughout the procedure and afterwards. I am disappointed that legislation with so many positive end results for women was made a mockery and ultimately defeated,” said Representative Flynn on Wednesday morning.

“With the filibustering of SB5, the Senate not only halted an important piece of pro-life legislation, but vital pieces of transportation and juvenile justice legislation were sacrificed in the process,” Representative Flynn continued. “The Texas Legislature adjourned sine die failing to fulfill half of the Governor’s action items for this first called session. It appears inevitable that the Legislature will return for a second special at the cost of millions of additional tax payer dollars in order to redo the work we spent the month of June accomplishing.”


See Press Release Here: 6.26.13 – SB5 Omnibus Abortion Bill Fails to Pass, Filibuster in the Senate

Flynn Report: June 25 2013 Transparency Committee Expands Jurisdiction

Transparency Committee Expands Jurisdiction

AUSTIN – Today, the House Select Committee on Transparency in State Agency Operations met to discuss the expanded jurisdiction of the committee.

Speaker Straus announced today, the committee’s jurisdiction has been expanded to include monitoring the conduct of appointed executive branch officers, including university regents, to ensure that these appointed officers are acting in the best interest of the agencies and institutions they govern.  The committee is authorized to investigate potential misconduct and may take further action if necessary.

Committee Co-Chair Carol Alvarado (D-Houston) gaveled the meeting into order, and motioned for the Committee to formally adopt its new charges.

“These proceedings will be both thorough and impartial, and we intend to use all necessary resources and powers at the Committee’s disposal to ensure an effective investigation,” said Co-Chair Alvarado. “I am confident the Committee will bring new, nonpartisan insights on what has been a contentious series of events.”

Co-Chairman Dan Flynn (R-Van) stated: “Transparency is very important to all Texans and this situation is certainly one in need of transparency.  I believe it is important that these proceedings be conducted with decorum and with fair and impartial intent.  This is a strongly bi-partisan committee with a strong track record of success in passing transparency legislation during regular session and I am fully confident that we shall be able to continue working together for all Texans.”

Under the speaker’s proclamation and Chapter 665 of the Government Code, if the committee begins an investigation during the special session, the committee may continue its investigations during the interim.


See Full Press Release Here: 6.25.13 – Transparency Launches Investigation

Flynn Report: June 11 2013 Operation Lonestar: East Texas Medical Outreach

Van Hosts ‘Operation Lonestar: East Texas Medical Outreach’

Free Preventative & Primary Care for Uninsured Texans

CANTON – Today marks the first day of Operation Lonestar’s East Texas Medical Outreach event offering free preventative and primary care to uninsured East Texans. Beginning at 8am Tuesday morning and running until Thursday afternoon, licensed physicians and nurses will be on site to administer multiple screenings, perform physicals and advise on healthy lifestyle choices such as healthy eating and not smoking.

Operation Lone Star is a collaborative medical services project that unites state and county health and human service agencies, Texas Military Forces, local service groups and volunteers in the largest public health humanitarian effort in the country. Operation Lone Star is a real-time, large-scale emergency preparedness exercise that provides medical service and disaster recovery training to state agencies and personnel while addressing the medical needs of thousands of underserved Texas residents.

“Operation Lone Star provides such an enormous level of support to Texans. Their efforts are tremendous and the work they do has such a positive impact on the communities they touch, I am honored to welcome them to House District 2,” said Representative Flynn this afternoon. He is a member of the Texas State Guard and serves as Commander of the Maritime Regiment. Flynn will be actively assisting with the execution and organization of this operation for the duration.

The medical services provided during Operation Lone Star include immunizations, blood pressure checks, cholesterol screening, diabetes screening, hearing and vision exams, physicals for students, limited dental services, and limited pharmacy products.


See Full Press Release Here: 6.11.13 – Operation LoneStar East Texas Medical Outreach