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Representative Flynn Appointed Chair to Pensions Committee

HOR Seal

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                           Contact: Kelli Linza February 5, 2015                                                                                                                                     Phone: 512-463-0880

AUSTIN, TX– Yesterday, Speaker of the House, Joe Straus announced committee assignments for the 84th Session of the Texas Legislature naming State Representative Dan Flynn, (R-Van), Chairman of the House Committee on Pensions. The Pension Committee has oversight of the following state agencies: The Texas Emergency Services Retirement System, The Board of Trustees of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas, The Board of Trustees of the Employees Retirement System, the Board of Trustees of the Texas County and District Retirement System, the Board of Trustees of the Texas Municipal Retirement System, and the State Pension Review Board.

Representative Flynn said , “The issue of pensions is going to be extremely critical this session and I am looking forward to the challenge that awaits me and the other six members of the committee as we work to improve and maintain the soundness of our Pension Systems and the best way to provide for the future of our teachers, state, and municipal employees.”

Representative Flynn has previously served on the Pension Committee and also said he is looking forward and honored to continue to serve on the Investments and Financial Services Committee that he has served on since being in the Legislature and where he will provide his fifty plus years of banking & financial services experience.

Representative Flynn’s assignments also include appointment to the House Select Committee on Emerging Issues in Texas Law Enforcement due to his expertise in homeland security. This Committee shall investigate and review the training and professional needs of law enforcement in the state of Texas, including the award and sufficiency of law enforcement training grants, methods of training, and types of training-including training in emerging or changing threats such as human trafficking, mental health crisis and confrontation, organized crime, and critical incident shooting. The Committee shall also examine and address emerging use of new technologies by law enforcement in policing and community interaction, including the use of body cameras, drones, and the rise of various information technology collection and sorting systems. The Committee will also examine any changes necessary to assure that each Texas law enforcement officer is provided with the necessary and appropriate tools and protocols to increase public safety of all Texans, including the safety of Texas peace officers.


Flynn Report: January 27 2015

January 26, 2015

Greetings Friends, Constituents and Supporters

As session continues, I want to update you on a recent trip to the border as well as upcoming legislation that has recently been filed.


Rio Grande Valley Border Tour

This past week I had the opportunity to be a part of the Rio Grande Valley Tour where I saw firsthand the massive amount of growth in the region as well as the area’s success in their developing Doctors Hospital and border patrol station.

                                             Border Patrol Station                      

I was proud to tour the main headquarters of the border patrol station in the Rio Grande Valley which, as you might remember, was the detention center which was used to detain the thousands of unaccompanied minors this last year. Border Patrol Chief, Kevin Oaks, assured me of the help and full cooperation of DPS, parks and wildlife, Texas military forces and local law enforcement.

I was very impressed with the detention facility and the efforts to work with other agencies in ultimate deportation. 70% of those detained in the facility are OTM’s (other than Mexican). There is a need to identify those captured so repeat offenders can be dealt with differently.

There has been a lot of misinformation about the work border patrol is doing with the underage illegal immigrants detained in their facilities. More than diaper changing, the workers are challenged with a unique effort in meeting humanitarian needs.



Texas A&M Commerce

 I also had the opportunity to speak and visit with Texas A&M Chancellor John Sharp. I am very proud of the work he is doing in the Texas A&M system, especially in our own Texas A&M Commerce. 

                                                                                 chancellor sharp

  Doctors Hospital at Renaissance 

We also visited the Doctors Hospital at Renaissance where we learned about the remarkable success they are experiencing. This hospital is a perfect example of a free market business thriving. Doctors Hospital at Renaissance is privately owned and privately funded.

The hospital reports over 900 births a month, has over 620 physicians and a multitude of  programs to address needs including rehabilitation, diabetes management, NICU, vision care, emergency care, and surgical center. Again, this is a privately owned, privately funded hospital which is thriving under a free market system.

Open Carry

With regards to open carry, several bills have been filed and those bills have a wide range of implementation. My bill on open carry, HB 106, uses the current concealed handgun licensing system. Second Amendment rights are very important to all Texans and are vital to protecting our families, our businesses and our country especially in light of current international events. Everyone needs to have the right to defend themselves because the bad guys never seem to follow the law.

Our Second Amendment rights are extremely important when you consider they are the basis for protecting all our other rights and over thirty states already have some form of open carry. I continue to be committed to support the second amendment of the US constitution and look forward to hearing from all sides on this issue.

It remains my pleasure and honor to represent all the people of House District 2. My staff and I continue to welcome your input and your questions. You can contact our office; mailing address: P.O. Box 2910, Austin, TX 78768. Email: Phone Number: 512-463-0880

May God continue to bless you and the Great State of Texas!



Dan Flynn, State Representative, District 2

Flynn Report: January 16 2015

January 16, 2015

Greetings Friends, Constituents and Supporters

The 84th session was underway with the swearing in of all 150 members. The Governor and Lieutenant Governor were in attendance to see the members sworn in and the House was full with family and friends. Members were focused on supporting their districts and the Speaker of the House, Joe Straus, was re-elected by a vote of 127 to 19. I was honored to be one of the Representatives selected to tell the Governor the House was in order and I look forward to working on some very important issues this session that include border security, public education, health and human services, and end of diversions in transportation.


Committee chosen to inform Governor that the House was in order

Texas House Republican Caucus Officer Elections

The House Republican Caucus met this past week to vote on officer elections. Now Chair, Representative Tan Parker (HD-63), Vice Chair Cindy Burkett (HD-113), Secretary John Raney (HD-14), and Treasurer Dan Huberty (HD-127), are the new elected officials representing the Caucus.

Representative Tan Parker is a strong Republican Conservative leader who will extend Republican philosophy of limited government for years to come.

Official Canvasing

I was pleased to be selected to canvas the votes for Governor Greg Abbott and Leuitenant Governor, Dan Patrick to officially declare them as winners.

Flynn report pic

With Senator Lois Kolkhorst (SD-18) and Representative Tan Parker (HD-63)


It remains my pleasure and honor to represent all the people of House District 2. My staff and I continue to welcome your input and your questions. You can contact our office; mailing address: P.O. Box 2910, Austin, TX 78768.


Phone Number: 512-463-0880


May God continue to bless you and the Great State of Texas!

Dan Flynn, State Representative, District 2




Flynn Report: January 13th 2015 Beginning of the 84th Legislative Session

January 13,2015

Greetings Friends, Constituents and Supporters

With the opening and swearing in of the members of the Texas House of Representatives for the 84th session of the Texas Legislature set for the second Tuesday of every other year, the date is set for January 13, 2015. A number of very important issues are newsworthy and I wanted to list a few for your review:

Border Security a Primary Issue in the 2015 Legislative Session

There is no question the Border Security continues to be of grave concern to all Texans and Liberty loving Americans.  Within the last several days it has become worldwide news of the 17 People recently killed in France, and within days, one of the world’s worst terrorist organizations is using the media’s attention on this tragedy to call for renewed attacks at multiple targets in the west.

A new ISIS media blitz calls for followers in Western countries to attack intelligence and law enforcement officers, soldiers, elected officials and civilians. The latest ISIS media releases specifically mention the United States, France, Canada, and Australia as prime targets. As many of you know, The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is an extremist group formed from al-Qaeda offshoots in Iraq and Syria. The group expanded as a result of the Syrian Civil War. In June 2014, ISIS declared the territory under its rule a caliphate.  The group has expanded tremendously under its current leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  Under its self-proclaimed caliphate, ISIS imposes a harsh system of Sharia law.  ISIS is well known for killings through beheadings and other means.


With Director Steve Mccraw and Regional Commander of the Border,  Major Rodriguez

The Terrorist Threat to the United States increases and the Texas-Mexico border continues to be a battleground in that fight. Without any assistance from the current failed Washington Administration to adequately protect its citizens, it is incumbent for us to take responsibility for what is clearly a defense of our borders.

For the first time on record, more Other than Mexicans (OTM) were apprehended at U.S. borders in 2014 by the Border Patrol.  According to the Border Patrol’s data, 229,000 Mexicans were apprehended by the Border Patrol in fiscal year 2014 compared with 257,000  OTMs  during the previous year.  The recent increase in OTMs apprehensions is due in part to a surge in unaccompanied Central American child migrants crossing the border without their parents.

However, most concerning is that these individuals are not just coming from other Central American and South American countries but  from countries that support and encourage terrorism against our citizens and interests.  These include countries in Asia, China, the Middle East and Africa as well as many others and they are not coming to look for jobs!  Many are coming to kill us and destroy our way of life.

I am encouraged that Texas leadership is dedicated to aiding the defense of Texas and the Nation by committing Texas resources such as the Department of Public Safety, Texas Military Forces, Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens with the assistance of local law enforcement for up to two more years in hopes of support.  Texas is estimating nearly 600 million dollars has been spent in this defense and recently sent a bill to the President ‘due on demand’ asking for immediate reimbursement.


imagesSZY5RRG1Patchwork Rules and Regulations

I wholeheartedly support Governor-Elect Greg Abbott’s efforts to ensure we don’t have a patchwork of rules and regulations covering bans that make little sense in a State known for limited Government, faith, family and freedom.  Bans covering issues like plastic bags, tree cutting or fracking should be left rightly and appropriately to the Texas Legislature instead of trying to justify inappropriate actions in the name of political correctness or start charging ‘fees’ that are little more than hidden taxes especially when State Law clearly leaves this function to the Legislature.  The opinion I requested of then Attorney General Abbott on the bag bans clearly suggested that they would not stand up in court.


Dan&Abbott_TPPF1.10.14It remains my pleasure and honor to represent all the people of House District 2. My staff and I continue to welcome your input and your questions.

You can contact our office; mailing address: P.O. Box 2910, Austin, TX 78768.

Email:     Phone Number: 512-463-0880

May God continue to bless you and the Great State of Texas!

Dan Flynn, State Representative, District 2