Flynn Report: May 15 2015

May 18th, 2015

Texas Commitment to Life

This week, the Texas House passed three substantial pro-life bills as the midnight deadline for the House to give preliminary approval to its own bills. Three more pro-life bills are on the calendar for consideration. The legislative session ends on June 1. The House gave its preliminary approval to HB 3374  to require physicians to provide state-provided educational materials to parents of an unborn child newly diagnosed with Down syndrome. An amendment  assures that the state materials do not advocate for abortion and the bill passed. The House also gave preliminary approval to HB 3074 to give patents at the end of life the right to food and water if requested by the patient or the patients family. A large coalition of pro-life and disability rights organizations supported HB 3074. Third, the House gave its final approval to HB 3994, a pro-life bill to reform the judicial bypass process in Texas law for abortions on minor girls. The House passed HB 3994 on 93-46 vote.

Conservatives in the House have worked very hard to preserve and advance pro-life legislation and the passage of these bills are crucial in our commitment to life.

Legislative Update

House Bill 114, relating to the issuance of certain capital appreciation bonds by political subdivisions, has been mentioned in  previous reports but the passage of this bill is monumental as it is the first bill of its kind to address runaway local debt. This is a priority for both Texans in our district and throughout the state. This helps to reduce the burden of debt being placed on our children and grandchildren.

Traditional Marriage

It was very disappointing to see so much effort that was spent last night to achieve the desired push by the Texas House Democrats, hoping to kill legislation banning gay marriage and other bills they opposed. They missed few opportunities Thursday to unleash delaying tactics designed to minimize progress during a 15-hour floor session. Knowing House bills would die unless given a vote before midnight, Democrats drafted dozens of amendments, raised points of order and asked detailed, sometimes repetitive questions — keeping the House to a four-bills-an-hour pace through most of the day.  Sadly much needed and good legislation did not have opportunity to be voted on.

Texans have clearly and overwhelmingly supported traditional marriage in state wide elections and that support remains strong.

It remains my pleasure and honor to represent all the people of House District 2.  My staff and I continue to welcome your input and your questions. You can contact our office; mailing address: P.O. Box 2910, Austin, TX 78768. Email: Phone Number: 512-463-0880

May God continue to bless you and the Great State of Texas!

Dan Flynn, State Representative, District 2