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House District 2

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House District 2 is comprised of three counties in Northeast Texas: Hunt County, Hopkins County and Van Zandt County. The rural district, home to 174,000 proud Texans, values conservative principles and family values, and voted for Governor Romney over President Obama in the 2012 Presidential election by a 4-1 margin. Hopkins County is due east of Hunt County, and is divided into quadrants by I-30 crossing East-West and State Highway 154 running North-South. Sulphur Springs, Hunt County’s largest city, is centrally located in the county, just south of Lake Tawakoni. Hunt County is in the heart of Northeast Texas, a short drive northeast on Interstate 30 from downtown Dallas. Hunt County borders 8 counties — Collin, Rockwall, Fannin, Delta, Hopkins, Rains, Van Zandt, and Kaufman — more than any other county in Texas. It is home to several forks of the Sabine and South Sulphur Rivers. Van Zandt County contains parts of the Neches River and Sabine River, the Trinity River watershed, and Purtis Creek State Park. It is west of Tyler on Interstate Highway 20, and Canton’s First Monday Trade Days are world-famous.

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