Religious Freedom

Religious Freedom


Religious freedom in America is under fire and we must take action.

If you lose religious freedom, you lose political freedom. Religion is so important to the functioning of democracy because if people lose religion, America cannot hire enough police. I don’t have to tell you that our religious freedoms are under fire. If we are willing to stand up for our freedoms, we can do this. God is being taken out of our classrooms, military, jobs, and many other places and there is an urgency here to do whatever we can to remedy this. The attacks are not over and we never thought we’d see what is going on today: Coaches being suspended for praying on the field, children told they cannot being their bibles to free reading time, kids reprimanded in schools for praying over meals, military chaplains being threatened over answering biblical questions with biblical answers. God needs to be in our lives and more than anything, people of God have to come together and stand up for Him. We vastly outnumber the faithless here in America but we will los religious freedom if we do not speak up. Our churches, ministries, and schools are now burdened by the need to reexamine and rewrite their bylaws to make sure they are protected.

Discrimination is happening against those with faith and we must allow people to follow their religious beliefs without threats from our own government .

Just look at some of the recent Supreme Court rulings. The Supreme Court rules and therefore it is law? No. A ruling of the Supreme Court is only an opinion until it is enforced. The Supreme Court is created by the Constitution but the rest of the Courts are created by Congress…by the purse. Nowhere in Article III of the Constitution is there an enforcement mechanism for the Supreme Court and if the Legislative and Executive branch do not enforce a Supreme Court decision, it is meaningless. We will stand on the Constitution and the Tenth Amendment.

What can we do as individuals? Promote our principles, elect candidates who will advocate their principles and elect those who have a clear message about the proper role of government and the relationships between Federal, State, and local governments. Like in war, when leadership do not have the trust and confidence of its soldiers, those leaders are combat ineffective. If a leader in government loses the trust and confidence of the people they led, they become ineffective and dangerous.

We as Christians have the message and now we need the strength to power it through.

We must remember: Freedom from religion is not religious freedom.