Session 2015

This could be a very good session for faith family and freedom with Republican majorities in both the Texas House and Senate. We can work on zero based budgeting where we would look at what we spend and prioritize to  not spend all that we have and instead spend only what we need. This session we look forward to progress on a variety of issues including Second Amendment rights, the ability to farm and ranch and conduct business in Texas without Government interference, and the ability to push back on the federal government.

It was the State that created the Federal Government and not the other way around. Our legislation works to ensure our Courts are governed by American Law and not foreign law in Texas. It also looks to rein in more than a dozen school districts with a billion dollars of principal and interest debt. The bills I’m working on  help others to save taxpayer dollars with local water utility districts, and protect the free exercise of religion and a law requiring students take a semester on the U.S. Constitution prior to graduation from high school.

We want to make sure that voters get a wider arrange of transparency in terms of seeing what they are voting for, how much debt is currently being accumulated, and most importantly, the cost to our children and grandchildren. We also have the opportunity to do simple things like safeguarding our  Teachers, providing them the right to defend themselves in the classroom. Our Texas military forces can be strengthened through the budget process and through additional recruiting. Our borders can remain safe through use of a variety of agencies who  are committed to keep all Texans safe. It’s also nice to have legislation including eliminating day light savings time as a benefit to many including mothers who do not want to put their kids on the bus stop when it is dark and put them to bed when it is light.

We also have the ability to get nothing done if we do not focus on ensuring that we come together in a meaningful way, focusing on the values that have made Texas great. Those values of faith family and freedom have never been more important. The decision as a duly elected Representative of all Texans is to ensure that we achieve what the people of Texas have elected us to do.