TSRA Press Release

Austin, TX, Saturday, March 7, 2015

Press Release:

On March 7th in Austin, Texas, the Texas State Rifle Association, the NRA state affiliate, honored State Representative Dan Flynn (HD2) of Van, Texas, as their 2014 Legislator of the Year, during the association’s annual members meeting.

Several years ago, the Texas Department of Public Safety ran critically behind in processing and issuing Texas concealed handgun licenses. Representative Flynn stepped up to the plate and began working to make changes to Texas law to fix problem plus to streamlining the licensing process in general.

During the 2013 session, Flynn passed HB 48, providing Texas licensees with an online renewal process, thereby eliminating both the cost and time of a renewal class. The immediate impact has been to provide licensees with an almost “perpetual CHL” and still benefits of having a nationally recognized concealed handgun license: ease of travel across states, substitutes for the NICS check when purchasing a firearm. The renewal is now accomplished with a click instead of the previous time-consuming, scavenger hunt.

Also, during the 2013 session, Representative Flynn worked to pass legislation to lower the number of classroom hours required to obtain a concealed handgun license.

HB 47 by Flynn reduced the number of classroom hours without impacting time spent qualifying on the shooting range. This has made the Texas concealed handgun license more accessible to busy adults while protecting public safety.



Thank you, Representative Dan Flynn, for your dedication to Texas gun owners. Thank you from the 840,000 Texans with a concealed handgun license and others who are now able to easily obtain this important personal protection option.



Texas House District 2, Hopkins, Hunt, and Van Zandt counties, has been represented in the Texas House of Representatives by Dan Flynn for 6 sessions.   He continues to be a designated “go to person for Texas gun owners”  and currently rated A+ by TSRA-PAC  and has been for many years.


++The Texas State Rifle Association, located at 8411 N. I-35, Austin, Texas, 78753, is the NRA state affiliate association.   Founded in 1919, the association balances legislative advocacy with outreach in the form of shooting sports, youth safety programs, and charitable giving through the TSRA Foundation. TSRA represents Texas gun owners before the state legislature. Membership and additional information can be found at www.tsra.com or www.tsrapac.com, or 512-615-4200. Email execdir@tsra.com (Doug DuBois, Jr.)